Manchester United v Chelsea (PL) 8/05/2011 KO 16:10 GMT

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Re: ManUtd V/s Chelsea FC

by huge_potato » Mon May 09, 2011 3:23 am

Maybe it's a mentality problem, or maybe it's just age, I'm not quite sure. But like everyone's been saying here our players lack that drive and hunger, and the will to run "that bit further". The manu players were clearly more energetic, more focused, and wanted to win more than our boys. In contrast, our ageing squad just couldn't give a crap. Maybe they WANTED to run, but they're too old, or they just don't care, in any case, half of that so-called "best XI" should be cleared out, and let's give our own youth squad a chance!
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Re: ManUtd V/s Chelsea FC

by bombomtintin » Mon May 09, 2011 4:31 am

carlo should stay!!! his double should earn him one more year.....the team does nt need a mass overhaul- few players (anelka,bosingwa,kalou) should exit ,with some young players getting in to the team....for long years we havent had any class right wingers...against united and fabio we could have had an advantage if we had any skillful right wingers...
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Re: ManUtd V/s Chelsea FC

by ledbetter » Mon May 09, 2011 7:27 am

i have to say im really really disappointed with our performance yesterday!!!i was believing in this team,when we were 15 points behind man u i was the one on this forum who was writing we have a chance to win the title, you can find posts...and now that we were in that position to win one game which will bring us title players were so scared, i dont know if it was fear of victory or fear of man u...
where were essien,kalu,mikel,maluda,cole,ivanovic in the most important game of the season......??????????????
we could easily loose theis game 5,7,-1...cose every man u action was a 100% chance for a goal!!
i have to point out that we were playing totally wrong formation against man u!to let them dominate the midfield like that and to let them easily pass the ball to the wingers who were terrorizing ivanovic and cole,IT WAS WRONG!!! we had to play 4-4-2 formation with ramirez and we had to have our midfield players helping RB and LB...form my point of view the worst was cole!he allowed valencia to play his best game in career...
in attack we were again so slow and without ideas,which again rises the need of bringing creative player to our midfield in the summer!we have to go out on the market, find the needed player, and do our best to bring him to the club!!im reading reports that man u was near agreement with inter over transfer of snider,what a smart move!i really respect man u's policy of bringing players,which is i have to say all ferguson's credit....also i have to say we are all aware that anelka,maluda,ferreira,zirkov have to go,we have to cash them in and rise founds to bring some quality players who would actually contribute to our play and our game...
what else to say,we have to move on,win last to games of the season,keep the second place and as soon as this season ends begin with preparing s for the next....
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Re: ManUtd V/s Chelsea FC

by Dan_1237 » Mon May 09, 2011 11:26 am

tbh when we were 15points behind no1 expected us to even get close to man united let alone have a chance of winning the league so obviously im dissappointed with the performence BUT i am more than happy to get 2nd after we were 15 points behind
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Re: Post match: man utd 2-1 chelsea

by carlettofan » Mon May 09, 2011 11:42 am

Carloseyebrow wrote:No chance , lets be honest ordinary (at best) performance , bad team choice / set up , I've been on about a change in formation for a while. It might have given us a little edge. We've played them five times this season and got beat 4 times. Doesn't take a magician to figure out , they got us figured out.

True, sadly manure was better than Chelsea in the right moments of the season. Chelsea despite all the difficulties is gone really far than expected so I would say this season isn't that bad afterall.

But next season the music must change and I think Abramovich should sell some players to wake up the others. I didn't really like the attitude of some of them. Too many games played badly or with players sleeping. Carlo must figure out how to solve this during this summer and be ready for the next season.
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Re: ManUtd V/s Chelsea FC

by DiDrogd » Mon May 09, 2011 2:06 pm

It was a mistake to concede the first goal , after going 1 goal down the players seem to be affected by it and cant move on....then the 2nd goal come in =.= , the players then were loosing belief , there wasnt any drive to push on until 2nd half.... just when our 2nd half looks bright , man utd's 2nd half were of equal standard .... :( ..... unlucky carlo(i think hes gonna be sack)
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Re: ManUtd V/s Chelsea FC

by chelseafc9010 » Mon May 09, 2011 3:00 pm

roman paid 50 mill for torres and 30 for sheva and now thinking of sacking carlo? Hes the best owner in the world but his decisions are stupid

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Re: ManUtd V/s Chelsea FC

by Dutch-Chelsea » Mon May 09, 2011 3:05 pm

chelseafc9010 wrote:roman paid 50 mill for torres and 30 for sheva and now thinking of sacking carlo? Hes the best owner in the world but his decisions are stupid

I would have paid the 30 for Sheva to. Not for Torres in an off-form though but Sheva at that time i was very excited about.
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Re: ManUtd V/s Chelsea FC

by trueblue85 » Mon May 09, 2011 4:21 pm

i wouldnt have bought T for 50m. out of form for ages and was just looking for way out of liverpool. I dont think he cared where he went, any club offering a large enough fee and huge wages he would be there. maybe he'll prove us wrong next season and justify his price tag and start to enjoy playing here..fingers crossed.

Seems Romans approach is to read the papers..see who they are talking about all the time...then buy them at any cost. IT DOESNT WORK LIKE THAT ROMAN. He wouldnt throw money around like that in the business world otheriwse he wouldnt be a billionaire so its clear chelsea is just a hobby..and people dont expect to turn a profit on their hobbies...but then again you dont have to comply with fair play rules!! silly expenditures like this will affect us for years to come!!

With the 50m price tag..and his wages next season T will have to score 30 goals (most crucial winning goals that matter) and assist another 20 odd. If he does that i will print off this post and eat it!

Once again we look stupid compared to united who buy a shit hot young striker for 6m!! yes 6m!!, who scores 20+ goals!! then we buy torres for 50m!! who scores...erm...1. embarrasing!!!

Roman clearly knows fuck all about football teams so he should trust a manager to build the team and give him a budget!! with the way the club is currently run NO mangers will want to stay for 5-10yrs. They want to create, build a team of their own.

Ive seen reports linking is with kaka???? not sure if id want him that tbh. unless the deal involves 10m plus Lamps (loosing it). but no more.
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