2012-2013 formation

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Re: 2012-2013 formation

by Maysam » Wed Aug 08, 2012 1:20 am

damosull wrote:This means so that we won't even start Ocar?

Those formations and line ups are based on our pre-season games. Unfortunatly, we did not have Oscar and I have not seen Oscar in blue yet. I do not think Roberto will unleash him in our first EPL game. He needs time to blend into the team. Based on his performance for Brazil Olympic game, I would use him behind striker in center but not as main one, he needs time to adopt.
It is tough decision :wall:
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Re: 2012-2013 formation

by Showstopper » Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:54 am

Maysam wrote:By looking at our signing strategy, 4-2-3-1 will be the main formation, but line-up is something that is not easy to predict.
I beleive Chelsea should go with following formations and line-up. (These can be different variation of 4-2-3-1)

----------------------------- Cech -----------------------------------------
---Iva-----------------Luiz------------------Cahil--------------Ashly---- High Defensive line (Not as high as last season with AVB)
----------------------Mikel-----------Lampard---------------------------- Lampard won't be defensive midfielder, more like deep lying play maker
-----------------------------Hazard---------------------------------------- He plays as play maker, role that Lampard played for years, make runs to box and score
--------------------Marin-------------Mata-------------------------------- I am very impressed by Marin, I would love him to start, if he has stamina to play 90 min

Call me crazy but 3-3-3-1 is something we need to test
We have players that can play in many positions

-------------------------- Cech --------------------------------
-----Ramires (RWB) -----------Mikel------------------Ashly(LWB)----- Ashly will add to defensive line when we need to be in defensive mode
--------Marin------------------Hazard-----------------Mata---------- If Sturridge played in wide, I would use him instead of Marin

This formation will be killer, we can break down any team in couter attack. This is a formation that needs to change like this in defensive situations

---------------------- Cech ----------------------------

This formation can surprise any opponent as we can easilly change formation in attack and defence. it is very inpredictable.
It requires lots of practice though.

Hahahahhahha! I commented on another post about that hilarious and suicidal 3-3-3-1. I'm sorry mate but when did you ever saw it played? if one opposing players set up camp between Mikel, Hazard, Cole and Mata in the line up you posted, it could be catastrophic if there is confusion as to which defender should pick him up. it takes 2 seconds of hesitation to allow a golden scoring opportunity. I could see trying it in a slower league like Seria A, but EPL? Come on, son!!! Then to put the cherry on the cake, you give us what the defensive line should look like once we lose the ball...You think the other team will give us a few seconds to set up our defence? There is a reason they call it "counter-attack". Look at the space that formation creates for our opponent. Unlike military troops during a parade, defences are lined up only horizontally not vertically. that's because by staggering your defence, you give the impression of a "wall" when the opponent looks at your set up from the front. in a 3-3-3-1, they can basically run at goals without ever having to skip around a defender if they don't have the ball, so failing to pick up the runner because of hesitation will allow that person to be in an easy scoring opportunity and teammates constantly yelling at each other for the mistake since no one will want to take the responsibility.

Furthermore, when the attacking player will have the ball, our defenders will always be defending from the side and will rarely start in front of the attacking player with the ball. Do you know how many yellow and red cards we would get? A manager once told me that defence is 50% positioning, 20% anticipation, 20% heart (wanting the ball more than your opponent), 9% technic and 1% luck. in this formation, we basically give the defender 10% positioning, 40% hesitation (as defensive assignments are less clearer and thus harder to pick up/easy to miss), 50% luck. :D

Suicide, I tell you!!!
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Re: 2012-2013 formation

by Maysam » Tue Aug 14, 2012 12:40 am

Guardiola has used this formation in Barcelona, 3-3-3-1 or the attacking version of it 3-3-1-3; That is exactly why everyone loves the way Barcelona plays
Bielsa also uses 3-3-3-1 in Atletico Bilbao, and he got so much success.
I can post you referecnes that proves these people have used it.

That formation can be used in Chelsea with hard work and I have no doubt aobut it.
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Re: 2012-2013 formation

by paulmapp8306 » Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:36 pm

I think we also need to try the Chrismas tree 4/3/2/1 against more physically imposing teams. Weve seen Lampard/Mikel get out muscled against those teams.

Same back 4, 3 in front being Mikel/Meireles to sit and Ramires to help out and link to the front, then Mata/Hazard behind torres.

Lampard can play instead of Ramirez or Meireles (depending on the oposition) if we need a little more creativity from the back, while Marin and Oscar can cover for Hazard and Mata.
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